Tectonics, Earthquakes & Mapping Out Global Conflicts: Geology, Geophysics & Geopolitics [ASMR]

- Introduction and Salutations
- Let's Talk About the Turkish Earthquake, Plate Tectonics, Seafloor Spreading, Magnetic Striations, Pole shifts and This Pale Blue Dot, Earth  (3:50-47:33) 
- Mathematics of Earthquakes: How Much More Powerful Is One Earthquake Compared to Another, Magnitude 9.2 Vs. 7.8, Richter Scale, Logs (11:31-17:21) 
- Story about an Earth Science Teacher I Had That Was Chasing Earthquakes (18:37) 
- Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes, Why We Get Earthquakes in Some Parts of the World and Not Others (21:38-28:12) 
- Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Seafloor Spreading, New Crust Forming and Magnetic Striations Indicating Earth's Magnetic Pole Flipping (31:08-41:20) 
- "The Science" Is Never "Settled": We Learned about Magnetic Striations Confirming Seafloor Because of Declassified Military Data from World War 2 (36:16-41:20) 
- Ions Moving in the Earth's Outer Core Generate the Earth's Magnetic Field (43:47-45:26) 
- Let's Talk Geopolitics: Mapping Out Global Conflicts (47:45-2:29:40) 
- Sal, One of Our Kitty Cats Makes an Appearance (1:23:55)
- Ukraine Started as a  Civil War, Turned into a Proxy War Intended to Destabilize Russia, but Has Turned into a Catalyst Collapsing Western Europe (1:51:05-1:53:31) 
- Why Russia Doesn't Trust Europe: In the Last 200 Years Western Europeans Have Invaded Russia Twice and Have Started Two World Wars (1:57:30-1:58:54) 
- Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine Was to Prevent the Genocide of Eastern Ukrainians: French Canadian Analogy (2:03:34-2:06:45) 
- CensorTube Introduction as Backup (2:06:45-2:10:00) 
- Western Installed Ukrainian Government Was Intent On Committing Genocide In Eastern Ukraine (2:12:00-2:12:56) 
- Sierra Leone, Africa: Why Was There a Civil War? Resource War Instigated by Western Mining Companies, History of Modern Imperialism (2:14:16-2:16:50) 
- Politics of Armenia and the Geopolitics Game at Play: Another Color Revolution to Destabilize Russia (2:21:17-2:22:38) 

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ARTICLE from 2014: Synopsis of Our Present Predicament: What the Future Holds, a Final Word