Canadian Court Rules Father CAN’T Stop Teen Daughter From Taking Male Hormones!!! 

Canadians should be outraged about the blatant attempt to destroy the family unit for the purposes of appeasing the trans activist community in Canada! The highest court in British Columbia Canada has recently ruled that a father can NOT prevent doctors from giving his 15 year old daughter testosterone injections to “affirm” her transgender male identity. Known only as “Clark” due to a gag order the BC father’s experience with the courts had “shaken [Clark’s] world” and his “faith in the political and legal system.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest developments in this case where the Canadian courts are deciding the fate of a now 15 year old child’s future, going against the wishes of her father. On a more positive note the new ruling has overturned a previous ruling that suggests the father is guilty of “family violence” for simply discussing the issue with friends in private and the courts are also now distancing themselves from any wrong doing and putting the onus on the doctors themselves when it comes to who “affirms” a need for going through with transitioning.