Jeffrey Epstein’s SUICIDE TAPE Didn’t Delete Itself - Let’s Take A CLOSER Look!!!

Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide tape didn’t delete itself! This case has now evolved into the largest conspiracy of the decade as more and more people seemed to be getting involved with the cover up of Jeffrey Epsteins alleged suicide. On Thursday January 10th federal prosecutors announced that the surveillance video taken from outside Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell on the day of his first apparent suicide attempt has been permanently deleted. On top of that a backup video system was in place, but the requested video wasn't available because of unspecified "technical errors," the court filing says. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth peels back the layers of this increasingly rotting onion to reveal the core truth inside…that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and we are now witnessing the biggest cover up and conspiracy involving some of the worlds most famous, powerful and influential people that we’ve ever seen!