s01 e01 Men are Exiting Society: Student Debt is Now #1 Cause of Divorce


In this video, I present evidence and proof that Student loan debt, by millennials, who are, in fact, the LARGEST group of wedded couples, is the #1 cause of divorce.

I present all the fees associated with divorce, once women (75% initiators of divorce) start a divorce with lawyers.

I present studies that show that women are pausing divorce due to the realization of those costs, on top of the student loan debt they have to keep paying off monthly.

They can't even pay off the student loan on the regular student loan schedule, which is $500+ a month, so when they bring divorce against their husband and find out, they have to front thousands of dollars, they pause the divorce.


This is a series. The rest will be presented on here, unless this video gets 10,000. But if not, it will be a subscribstar exclusive.