I started R.R.G a little over a year ago and it's been fun trying to get it off the ground. Being able to share my thoughts and opinions on subjects happening within our beloved gaming industry. I also have a vision to create a community of gaming content creators(this could be streamers of video games, tcgs, tabletop game sessions, etc..) who encourage one another to grow by helping each other out through networking, sharing ideas and information, shouting one another out in their streams and any other positive productive means.

With this community of content creators being listed on the official website, it gives people visiting the website a unique opportunity with a HUB of gaming content creators in one centralized location making it easy for them to find their next streamer, a new/existing tcg game, tabletop game, or maybe even businesses or small developer to help support with a purchase.

If this sounds like an idea you can get behind, please feel free to support the cause. Every little bit helps and I'm looking to make 2020 a year worth remembering for R.R.G.

I also am always looking for content creators to sponsor/support directly. If you're interested in this then click here to find out how to join!