Update to what I'm going to do from the year 2023 to onwards!

The New Year brings new changes and this Year I’d like to announce that I want to do everything from Requests, Commissions and Original Content with SubscribeStar!
Websites like Ko-Fi I will mainly use as Galleries for the Fanart and Commissions/Requests I got since their
Gallery options are easier to use for Viewers.
My Gumroad page exists to sell my Fanbooks like the Upcoming “Corgi with a Pinch of Curry” or similar. So to those who aren’t Subscribed to me will get to buy those books there. Subscribers from the 10$ Tier and upwards get those books while it comes out.
“The Chosen Trickster” is currently in production and will have a secret project in the forseeable future.
The First chapter has been out on Substack for a few months now and I apologize for the slow updates due to me being still in University.
The chapters in the future will be uploaded first on SubscribeStar before being posed on Webtoons or Shueisha’s version of it one month later.
Most updates from here on are happening both on SuscribeStar and Discord and I was thinking of branching off to Rumble for Livestreams:
Monday: I'll present sketches for my comic/Manga projects to my SubscribeStar Subscribers
Wednesday: (Possible) Livestream day (Although those are either Fanarts or Pages from the upcoming Projects)
Thursday: Challenge the Artist day (Give me a Promb and I draw that to the best of my ability or send me a Request/Commission)
Saturday: Weekly update on what has been accomplished for SubscribeStar Subscribers, plus Livestream.
I follow this plan for the coming year as best as humanily possible and tell each and everyone of you if something is happening ahead of time!
Let’s start the coming year Big and grow this community to beyond what it was before!
For new people visiting my sites:
If you want to contact me about commissions or request please do so on SubscribeStar or Twitter that way I can answer you quicker!