I want to make an album about motherhood with mostly original songs but a couple of covers. I am hitting a wall trying to figure out who the actual writer of some of the songs is though. One example is the song "Ancient Mother". A lot of people have  covered this song, but I have no idea who actually wrote it. Apparently it's a traditional song, so does that mean i'm cool to make my own version of it? Maybe, maybe not! Copyright rules are such a labyrinth!
The artist I heard the song from is called Robert Gass apparently. I would want to make my own arrangement and make a music video with my arrangement, which seems to be a separate license and can of worms from simply getting permission to use the song. Maybe this is simpler than I think; i'm not sure.

But if I can verify that this is a traditional song that doesn't "belong" to anyone, that would be a step forward! According to this blog, written by Kimberly Debus, the song is "from the Navajo tradition, a people who lived in the area we now know as New Mexico."