Welcome Supporters!

Here is a quick recap of the last year of development. Thanks again for all your support!

TEdit 4.10 Updates

This is the first version of TEdit to support load and save for Terraria v1.0+ to v1.4.x.x. Android (beta) support has also been added. This is a massive release, months in the making. Thanks to @RussDev7 for all the help and motivation along the way. Also, thanks to all the TEdit patrons for their continued support!

TEdit 4.9

Before, when created circuits, wire colors had to be manually changed by hand. Now in this patch, you can adjust what colors you want to change via four drop downs.

When any of the four drop downs are active, TEdit will now switch to "Wire Replacement" Mode. Disregarding the place / erase modes. This saves from extra GUI clutter.

Some other features include:

  • Drag + drop worlds into TEdit.
  • Updated "Find Chest With" plugin introducing a "Distance" from spawn checkbox.
  • Updated "Find Tile" plugin introducing a total count of items found.

TEdit 4.8

  • An all new bestiary editor allows you to customize the bestiary data, full complete, or clear to start over.
  • The Minimap now has interaction, click to move the main map position! -You can now Crop your worlds with ease. There is an optional border to ensure that all cropped content is rendered in game.
  • Clipboard rotation has been tuned and there is an option to skip pasting sprites.