Hello! So, first post for everyone to say Welcome to my page!

The other thing is to talk a bit about the posting schedule I’m going to have here! Or try to have!

Every week I’ll try to post a doodles page/ Sketch. Those are mostly random. Most of them have the risk to be traditional art (Pencil and paper) because I’ll mostly do them at my day job. Sometimes, it'll be just sketches of drawing. Maybe I’ll finish them, maybe not. Sometimes there will be one or two image of the objects assets of the game too. Those post will be set to "free" after 1 month!
 On the same pattern (every week) I’ll probably post a WIP of Illustrations or a finished drawing of PNJ/Familiar/Background and stuff of the game!

I'll try to have once a month a Process video or PSD/Clip files to give too!

And probably from time to time, the chapters/Bonus/Event scripts!! Something like every 3 - 4 months since i need to write the script and translate it to English, since they are written in French first! But both languages will be available!

On that note, i'll say, have a good day!