UPDATE: Recouping From This Nasty “Flu” That’s Been Going Around

Hi everyone,
I’ve been pretty quiet for the last few days so I figured I would provide a little update.
Last week I went to visit family. Instead of driving I ended up catching a ride with some friends (one a family member) that were going my way. There were four of us in the car: two double injected, one triple injected and me being part of the control group, the un-injected.
The triple injected person was not feeling very well, was showing signs of a mild flu with some wear and tear from a weekend of partying. We spent about four hours together and then parted ways.
By the second day I started to also feel a little under the weather: cough, sweats, high temperature, lack of sleep and low energy.
Slowly over the last few days I’ve gone through multiple phases, and I’ve taken appropriate measures with each: medications, isolation, appropriate foods and as much rest as possible.
The lack of sleep and throat rawness have been the main issues that I have been dealing with that have persisted. I’m slowly getting my energy back, and did for the first time in a few days get more than 2 hours of sleep last night – lack of sleep has been pretty intense.
So, aside from the raw and painful throat, I’m on the road to recovery. As you can guess though, the throat issue is preventing me from doing any live streams – even though it would be a perfect time to make ASMR vids since the best I can do is whisper right now, but I think I’ll refrain from trying to make “Flu Whispering ASMR Vids”, mainly because it makes me laugh thinking about doing this and laughing really hurts my throat.
So, with that update, I have some short video segments that I still haven’t shared, as well as our previous patio live stream which I haven’t uploaded. In the next few days I’ll share those and as soon as I’m able to talk for an extended period of time, i.e., able to say more than a few words without it hurting me, we’ll be back in full production mode.
Apologies about this short break, it could not be helped. 
As for me, lesson learned from my end, in the future I will refrain from going on a road trip with the injected, especially if the triple injected person is feeling sick.
Stay safe, and healthy.