Been working behind the scenes building these communities, Locals, Subscribestar & Guilded as much as I can and we're past 9,000 members here now On Locals & closing in on 10,000 on the guilded & 1200 Here On Subscribestar! Really thankful for having a way to be able to more easily contact you all and your support means more than I can say.  TheQuartering is so much more than just me.  Your support & Coffee Purchases go DIRECTLY to funding my 3 meme editors, my thumbnail artist & my marketing manager Maggie.  TheQuartering is actually a team of 5 people.  Not one of them is replaceable and your support helps secure their jobs.
I'll be on a Podcast with Hotep Jesus Tonight at 10PM ET & May live stream on my main channel leading up to it so I can stay awake.
Also today we launched 2 new products on CoffeeBrandCoffee! Sticky Pecan Roll Coffee & Apple Pie Tea! We've now got
13 Different Coffees
8 Organic Teas
3 Hot Cocoa Flavors
I also have a special promo code just for you all "star" where you'll save 10% off so If you are considering checking a few things out you'll save more than anyone else and be supporting the channel!
Lot's to do today, I think I'll have 6 videos, plus the two livestreams. Let's Go!!!