Say hey!

How's it going out there in the real world?! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Some may already know me from my music. If not... Go check it out! On most streaming services, now. If not, I will make sad puppy dog face till you do. Just kidding... Maybe. haha

As I'm typing this, I'm in the middle of bringing everything together to put out my first ever podcast, "Thoughts of a Krazy Man" (coming soon in July)! Something I've been wanting to do for awhile now, and finally able to bring it to you! Mix in a little seriousness, a lot of kraziness, and a pinch of what's running through the mind of tha K-MAN on the topic at hand. Maybe a little more as time goes on. One thing about tha K-MAN... Ya just never know what ya gonna get. Anyways... Stick around, kick your shoes off, feel free to subscribe, make suggestions on topics and more for the show, and I'll talk to all of you soon!

 It's a crazy world out there and you have to be krazy to survive it.

tha K-MAN