For this Months Reward I will make a Livestream for Subscribers Only on my Discord Channel. This will be a weekly thing from now on and I hope that more join in the future!

During the Livestream I will be muted since I want to show how I draw, but I'm open to answer questions in the chat or I'll write on the canvas!
I will do regular streams too for non subs but those will be mostly simple Artworks for practise and will have nothing to do with the Manga/Comic projects I'm working on.
If I managed to do some set up on other sites I will make another big post!

The Subscribers Only Livestream will happen every Saturday at 4pm(UTC+1) Central European time!
Make sure you mark the dates!

P.s. I finally finished my Semester (tho I will probs need to repeat two or three courses XP) so I finally have time to work on the Manga's that I promised to deliver on!