Sorry for the delay. I've been figuring out Da Vinci Resolve to edit my videos, which I take with my phone and therefore must apparently get converted using another program called HandBrake into a format that the editor likes (h265 to mp4). I'm learning all this on the fly, mostly at 1 am when i have time to myself. The learning curve is a bit steep, but I think i'm getting the hang of it! I hope you like my theme music! I still need to figure out how to keep the video from becoming grainy when it gets rendered. -_-
My tools are:
Free video editor:
Free video converter:
Free sound editor:
Not free art program:

Here are some of the articles I read that I found very useful. Maybe they'll help you if you try to start making videos.

I also had to update my video card driver, despite Window's insistence that it was fine. It took hours of reading to figure out what to do in my quest to solve why my videos were coming up as "offline" when I dragged them from the local hard drive, not a USB. This was one attempt to solve it. Ultimately, I learned that the raw videos from my phone needed to get converted to work with the free version of Da Vinci Resolve.

For some reason my videos' sound becomes mono when I put it into the editor. This article helped me find where to set it right.
"perform this action on the Timeline, by selecting all mono audio clips and applying Clip Attributes for all selected Audio Clips individually." -Reynaud Venter

When I record just sounds I use Audacity to edit. I had trouble with creating mp3 until I got the LAME plugin