Hey everyone, I have been working on my Minds profile which will host the main content for now.  The wordpress site won't be needed with Minds so I'm getting it moved over.  If you haven't heard of Minds then I recommend you highly check it out.  Here is my referral link, if your going to check it out please use it https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=dmatheny

I found Minds and I have been working on it daily.  I am putting together some articles for the blog posts there.  I have so much content in Evernotes and saved on our NAS to sort through.  I only wish Evernotes would have been around years earlier, boxes of notebooks filled with notes sit in the closet that all need entered in.  I done two boxes but seven remain, each holds 50 one subject notebooks.

Several videos are being edited, two are ready to go which I need to upload.  Our upload speed is only 1071kbps and there are a lot of timeouts when trying to upload long videos.  I am so ready for this move to finish so I can upload with a 10MB connection.  Hundreds of videos will be online in no time.