Hi Guys,
Its been a while since my last post here, but as you can see from the PLannedilLusion Bitchute, Rumble, Instagram and Tiktok channels, I have been busy with loads of new content, which judging by the increase in subscriptions to Bitchute and comments has been very well received:

New Website Launch

I'm about to launch major new upgrades to the website with loads more varied but exciting exclusive content for subscribers. This has been a huge undertaking on my part, but one that was necessary. I won't say too much yet, except to give you guys a sneak preview of whats happening behind the scenes. Hopefully when all is complete in a few days there will be a massive campaign of awareness as to the new look PLannedilLusion and what you guys, the supporters will be privvy too in the weeks to come.

Please feel free to engage me via the website plannedillusion.com/contact at any time with your feedback.

A quick glance at the new look News Weekly page

Jimuphy Masters