Hi Everyone!

At the moment I am just messing around and exploring this platform. While I am open to providing a subscription option here for those who would prefer to support SBP/CGC here instead of on Patreon, I am not ready to commit to making any perks/rewards available here. First I need time to see what kind of work load that would potentially add to my daily routine. It may be that you will begin getting access to some perks here at some point, but please consider those to be surprise bonuses if/when they happen, rather than what you can begin to expect with any consistency.

If I find that, in practice, the benefits of making perks/rewards available here outweighs any potential downsides, I will likely commit to doing that and will make an announcement as soon as that happens. But for the foreseeable future, this should merely be seen as a channel through which you can support SBP/CGC without using the Patreon platform.

Thank you!