He Is John Cullen – The Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Will Not Stop

In case you missed it, last night we did a two year retrospective on the most devastating shooting in modern U.S. history. Laura Loomer, Joe Napoli and John Cullen joined me for an historic recap in which John revealed his likeness for the first time. We also revealed a popular "truther" as a total fraud.

Jake Morphonios is a vile, sanctimonious social engineer who must be called out for his lies. He poses as a pious, righteous Christian, but he does this only to prey on the honest. His lies and deception are intended to mislead the naive. It's time to eliminate him and his associates from the social media sphere. Why did he lie and behave so aggressively when asked to evaluate the evidence presented by another Las Vegas researcher? Jake focused so heavily on Stephen Paddock, a likely patsy who may not have fired a single shot. He doxxed a 14 year old child and insisted John Cullen post a picture of his face, why would he do that? Jake has told us he's worked for the State Department in Thailand, does that mean CIA? This video not only reveals John Cullen on his own terms, it reveal Jake Morphonios for the disgusting liar he is.