Hi everyone! I've made some big improvements to my Patreon/SubscribeStar reward tiers, because I've never quite been convinced that people got enough in return for their support. I started with two goals:
1. To give more to supporters at every level so everyone is happier.
2. To increase interest in the lowest ($2) tier, which I could never really figure out good rewards for under the old setup.
The changes: 
-Now ALL supporters on Patreon and SubscribeStar will get the super early video access that formerly only the $5+ got.
-$5+ supporters will get access to future monthly exclusive videos, which only the $10+ used to get.
-$10+ supporters will get access to the monthly hangout that used to only be for $15+. They will keep exclusive access to the first 29 exclusive videos that I made for them.
-$15+ supporters can join me in voice chat to listen to and discuss videos as I try to find something worth responding to, and they can join me while I record as well, unless my schedule gets too tight and I need to crunch.
I hope you enjoy the changes.