Hey my AWESOME patrons! What would you guys like to see more of? What goodies do you like?

1. Downloadable prints
2. Animations
3. Stuff mailed to you (stickers, cards, etc)
4. More personal stuff - my older art, how I got started, etc
5. Videos of actual me and my life
6. Faceswap videos of our fave troll bait people
7. Free merch, clothes, books, etc.
8. Banned memes
9. Google Hangouts
10. Personalized digital prints
11. One-on-one Skype conversations

Let me know your faves or if you have any other things you can think of! The purpose of this account is to raise money for my art, but also I want this to be a community where we discuss, have fun, and you guys get some good value for your money. I want this to be an exclusive community that is intentionally more awesome than my Instagram account. Let me know what appeals to you and if you have any ideas! Comment below your thoughts.