I am putting together the introduction video now and working on 2 content videos.  I thought I had done all the intro video recording, but earlier today I pulled all the clips up in Pinnacle Studio and noticed the sound for a few clips were really horrible.  I loaded them up in Adobe Audition to try and repair them.  I was never able to get them to sound right, and I am my own worse critic I know.  Its been a problem my entire life.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice so I should be able to finish up those last two clips.  I hope by this time next week the videos will be done.  Then there will be at least one video weekly, but I hope to be able to move that up to every other day to daily.  It all depends on the funding and how much time I can dedicate to this project. If I can get $400 a month that will cover my expenses that are supported by side jobs.  I would much rather work on content than detail cars or work on electronics in my spare time.  Thanks for viewing the site and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.