First of all Hello.

So if you find me here. You might already know that the reason I am here is that Patreon is not to be trusted.

When you run a sight where there is one set of rules for one group of people and an other set of none written rules for another group of people. Well then we need to find a new home I guess.

So may already know I do run a tiny youtube channel and at the current time, we are around 880 subscribers, a small but close group of people.

The youtube channel is mainly about gaming. But during the Christmas season, we have a daily advent calendar.

And what games do we play? Well, that is a good question. I think we are playing a plenitude of different games. Everything from RPGs, strategy, management games, and building games.

We are also streaming to both Mixer and Twitch when we are streaming.

But my main focus is on the youtube channel. And my goal is to a last have a video or a stream every day on my youtube channel.

So here are the links. (I am very new here on SubscribeStar, so there might be somewhere else or better to post the links)




There is also social media platforms you can follow me on, like:






And of course have an Discord server

SO yeah. I hope I'll see you around. If not as SubscribeStar supporter. Maybe I'll see you in the streams or in the comment section :)

But if you have read all this. And I never hear or see you again. I would still like to say thank you for dropping by my page and I wish you the very best

-Keep smiling-