Is Andrew McCabe the Biggest, Most Disgraceful Coward in the History of the FBI?

We already know Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former Deputy Director of the FBI is a liar.  We already know he is willing to use his “lack of candor” to destroy lives, damage his perceived enemies, frame innocent people for crimes and be an all around piece of human garbage.  He’s violated the law countless times in his failed bid to install his corrupt wife as Virginia State Senator.  We also know he was a key player in an attempted coup d’etat that is sure to be historically regarded as one of the most disgraceful chapters in American history.  But now we know he is also a coward, fearful of even a single question from an honest journalist.  McCabe took extraordinary steps to avoid True Pundit’s Michael Moore and myself last night while he fleeced the public of hundreds of thousands of dollars in what was a thinly veiled cash grab prior to what will hopefully be an historic indictment of a true piece of trash.

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