The most important way YOU can help THE TELLY to grow is by becoming a monthly financial supporter here on "SubscribeStar". Knowing how much money we have coming in at the end of every month is incredibly helpful.
We have asked a lot of our supporters how we can make this easier, to that end we have made new tiers for supporting the Telly, brought back an old favourite or two, and made the top level cheaper.

NOTE: We talk about "Levels" and "Tiers" - same thing, it is the monthly amount.
We talk about "Rewards" and "Perks" - same thing, it is what you get for the monthly amount. 

By popular demand: The $10 Tier is back.

So we now have FIVE levels or tiers. Ten dollars to Fifty dollars a month. Each level has an exclusive "perk" plus it receives all the previous tiers "perks". 
The $40 Faithful gets you some glorious outfits.

The leveled tiers and their perks go like this:
  1. The $10 Tellyvangelist:
      - Access to the best Telegram group community.

  2. The $20 Team:
     - The above perk plus a very special email with news and offers.

  3. The $30 Thankful:
    - All the above perks plus an exclusive monthly video chat.

  4. The $40 Faithful:
    - All the above perks plus a free credit towards the coming Telly merchandise.

  5. The $50 Family:
    - ALL the above perks plus two tickets to the yearly "Family dinner event.
Do you get that each level's album cover corresponds to the number?

NOTE: for the $40 and $50 tiers - the access to the perk is after a year of supporting at that level.

Any questions - please email us: [email protected]