We LOVE the Telegram messaging app! We have been using it to message and organise friends, family and colleagues since March 2014! We just think it's the best. Because not only is it FREE & FAST, Telegram is simple & social. It syncs perfectly across any and all your devices, plus it's private {Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct} and FUN. You can read up all about {and download} Telegram here.
THE TELLY has a number of "groups" and one "channel" on Telegram:
We have a private GROUP called the "Telly-Vangelists" for everyone that supports us financially - if that is you: please contact us for admission to that group!
We have a group for the show "Hangin' with Ev the Rev." You can join that here.
We also have a group for our show and podcast "The Unofficial Chosen Broadcast" with The Profit - You can join that one here.
We also have a Telegram CHANNEL that everyone can follow for updates and fun. Please head over and follow our Telegram channel here:

And finally our very own DJ Paine has his own channel here