When will the citizens of this great country realize we have been taken as fools.  The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank that violates the US Constitution and the Coinage Act of 1792.  The paper/cloth currency we are forced to use in this day in age is worthless and illegal.  Even local private banks are able to created funds out of thin air using the methods of fractical reserve banking, clearly laid out in the document Modern Money Mechanics by the Chicago Federal Reserve.  Until the Fed is removed and our government prints its own money, debt free, we will continue to work as slaves for worthless paper that loses value everyday.  The only real thing giving our paper money any value is the PetroDollar, which through OPEC forces all countries trading in oil (buying or selling) to do so using the US dollar.  Any countries which try to change this long standing monopoly is met with military force.