The next organic video will be out within the next week. I'd also like to do a short video on the oxythallation reaction since it's such a neat trick. The next prep video will be the diammoniate of palladium(II) chloride PdCl2(NH3)2. After that I want to do a prep of palladous sulfide and from that make potassium thiopalladite K2Pd3S4 which is supposed to be a violet-blue turning gray when it dries. That sounds pretty neat. Not sure what we will do with the diammoniate. Maybe use it to make bis(acetonitrile) palladium(II) chloride if possible. It would finally give me something useful to do with all this ACN. 

This is how I will make the diammoniate. This comes from the Atomistry page for palladium dichloride. "When palladium dichloride is dissolved in water, and ammonia added in sufficient excess to dissolve the flesh-coloured precipitate, the diammoniate, PdCl2.2NH3, may be obtained as a precipitate by diluting with a large volume of water and acidulating with hydrochloric acid. It may be dried at 110° to 120° C., and has been used for the determination of the atomic weight of palladium. Density 2.5."