Smoked Beers and Lagers are some of the oldest styles on the planet. Usually reserved for Marzens with the malts smoked over beech-wood to speed up the drying process they have been around since the 15th century. This example is somewhat different from the other smoked lagers I've had before. Quite tasty and smokey upfront w a distinct malty smoke taste that burns off medium fast and ends up dry and smoky. Very rich in the initial hit this is a solid brew but a bit heavy for 108 F in the shade. Running 4.8 ABV less than 10 IBUs and the SRM has to be 15 easy. An interesting brew but too rich for the weather out here. This is definitely a dinner beer but what you'd pair it with is beyond me. And yeah I screwed up the board, mea culpa it's been a long couple of weeks.
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