Why is There an Unregistered Ambulance on Epstein Island? with Fireman John & John Carman

As citizens of all nations around the world become increasingly disgusted with Government and corporate corruption fueled by fake news, citizen journalists continue to rise above the fray.  An anonymous drone pilot, going by the YouTube name "Rusty Shackleford" has been flying reconnaissance missions over Jeffrey Epstein's Little Saint James Island since July 10, 2019, just ONE DAY after Epstein's arrest at Teterboro airport in New Jersey.  THE FBI DIDN'T ARRIVE UNTIL MORE THAN ONE MONTH LATER!  Not only did Rusty capture video images of workers on the Island, doing whatever it is they may have chosen to do, the FBI themselves were photographed foot dragging in what can only be laughably referred to as an official investigation.  

One curious item spotted during a routine overflight was an ambulance bearing a USVI tag and "LSJ" designation.  When veteran firefighter and CSTT guest Fireman John inquired with authorities, he learned the ambulance had no registration with EMS in the U.S. Virgin Islands and was not included a list of vehicles operated by Epstein as mandated by his sex offender status.

Former U.S. Secret Service, and former USCBP John Carman joins us to explore what possible use this vehicle may serve and how it there.

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