May 14, 2022


The Power of the Moon to Manifest Total Happiness 
by Minaxi Mistry
narrated by Petra Ortiz
Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

The Moon has a bearing on the tides, on nature as it changes our seasons, and yet we don’t pay it too much attention. It has always been there! But if it has so much power to do all this to our world, then surely it follows that it will have the same influence on us. There is magic with positivity and our true nature's instinct.

Have you ever felt too much sometimes you’re happy, energetic, excited, and then other times, out of sorts, tired, wired, and out of sync with yourself and the universe? Your own nature is being smothered by all the extraneous noises and not what is within you. Call it intuition, instinct, insight, perception, hunches sensitivity, or just feelings. You’re unsure of how to go about attracting all that you want toward in happiness and abundance?

Life’s synchronicities keep showing you glimpses of your true mission and passion to be truly happy and in total awareness of the path in life that’s calling you forth. You just have to listen.

In this audiobook, you'll discover:

To be aware of your emotional indicators with synchronicity and perception
Moon meditations and affirmations to align with your inner self
To pay attention to what is important and lighting your way through letting go of limiting beliefs and releasing negative emotions 
Meditation has been proven to help you be more positive, and focusing on affirmations will help you create and manifest abundance and harmony. You can do this while relaxing and sleeping at night to help to reinforce and embed positive affirmations and release your limiting beliefs.

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