Cheddar man and Mesolithic Europeans

Cheddar man was typical of Mesolithic European hunter-gatherers. His physical features and way of life resembled others who lived in Western and Central Europe from 14,000 to 6000 years ago. Geneticists call his race the Western Hunter Gatherers (WHG). The Mesolithic is characterised as the warm period following the ice-age. In this video I visit Cheddar gorge and the very cave in which Cheddar man was found. I look at some late stone age hunting tools such as microliths and I even describe what the Mesolithic religion was like based on the scarce evidence we have, from the caves of El Cogul to the Shigir idol of Russia. The main WHG samples I look at are Loschbour man, Cheddar man, La Brana man and Villabrunna man.