Math Tutoring Session #77: Personal Finance, Long Division, Two Car Physics Problem & more [ASMR]

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- Salutations, Introduction and Random Chat
- Advice on Getting SAP Certified (14:57-17:57 and further)
- More random discussion
- Torque vs Horsepower (28:56 and further) 
- 95% Efficacy (31:24-33:30)
- Story Time: Hitting a Deer on the highway at 130 km/hr in an Mazda RX-7 (35:04-39:00) 
- Personal Finance: Inflation Prediction, Cause and Effect, Collapse and Taxes (39:28-43:54)
- How to Avoid Hitting Deer on the Road, Highway Driving Advice, Be Aware of Road Signs (44:50-47:13)
- More random discussion, including talking about a cashless society 
- Housing and Rental Property and Prices, Rising Interest Rates will Collapse the Bubbles (53:51-56:36)
- How To Fix Our Housing Problems, Get Government Out of Our Lives, Bureaucracy Kills (58:46-1:01:03) 
- More random discussion 
- Do Not Allow the Technocrats to Define You, Control You: Advice on Dealing with Addiction (1:07:14-1:09:00)
- More random discussion 
- Personal Finance: Commercial Real Estate, Retail Property is being Decimated in Canada (1:14:11-1:15:19)
- How to Do Long Division: Integers and Polynomials (1:18:11-1:33:26)
- How to Do Synthetic Long Division for Polynomials and What It Means (1:34:07-1:39:07)
- Two Car Physics Problem, When Do They Meet? [ASMR Math Word Problem] (1:39:37-1:46:39)
- Multiplication is Commutative, Visual Explanation (1:46:39-1:49:06)
- More random math and discussion