Welcome to Fesothe 3D's Subscribe Star

I'm still waiting for a few pieces of equipment before I start making videos, you can check out my https://fesothe3d.com/wiki/Acquisition_List to see what's outstanding. As soon as I gain a subscriber I'll start releasing 3d models on a per-monthly basis (usually at the end of the month).

If you wish to see what items I have completed and are ready to be released on Subscribe Star please check out my list at
https://fesothe3d.com/wiki/Subscribe_Star_List. I will also be releasing free 3d models for Minecraft and other games, so subscribing here will keep you updated.

Half of the subscribe star funding will go towards stray Romanian dogs, check out my about page to learn more about this at:

It's important that you know I can't do textures the best I can do is UV mapping, which will allow you to texture the model yourself.

Items are still being worked on and I hope to be ahead before I get subscribers. I don't want to over complicate things I'd like to keep it simple so I'm only offering the three tiers.

However, if you become one of my early subscribers (first 100) I'll think of something special at a later date to gift, reward, and develop for you, so I will have to ask for an email address when you subscribe so I can ensure you get your reward at a later date. This does not mean you won't get models on a monthly basis only that you'll get something extra at a later date for those who have stood by and supported me in the early days.

I'm starting with releasing the models that I will be using in my Opensim machinimas and will move on to 3d printed items, and robotics. At the moment I'm also developing a 3d printed stage which is for furshows.com and this will be released on Thingiverse.

I highly suggest you take a look at my Instagram (linked below) and my blog at
https://fesothe3d.com/blog/ to see the sort of items I'm going to be releasing before you subscribe. I still need to learn 3d sculpting.

I will put the subscriber reward models (Squeak Squad+ tier) on my website and post the password and the link to access them on here (posts are hidden to your subscriber rank), You'll need a free account on my website, you can get one by signing up at https://fesothe3d.com/my-account/.

Please follow my twitter
https://twitter.com/Fesothe3D and check out my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fesothe3d/ to keep updated on what's being worked on.

Thank you for your support I deeply appreciate it.