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In a month when I personally have been considering how to get the message across that we are in for a wild ride and that there are 2 things we must do to guarantee peace of mind. 
  1. Trust in God
  2. Prepare to be resilient in the worst cases.
These 2 things will ensure you are calm, and will not be jolted or coerced into taking the Jab against your better judgement. Getting this out is key and paramount, as there are enough people out there to inform about Mandates for Jabs, court cases, Graphene Oxide and more deaths by the needle. I on the other hand believe more time need to be spent on resilience, and less reliance on the government, power companies and global elites to provide us with out sustenance, only to have them deny us food, water and energy when we don't comply.

As I was working on ideas for shows, I thought I better get Hanna Jade back in for a Queensland, Australia update. You can imagine my surprise when she blew the show away with her thoughts on RESILIENCE. She was brilliant in her episode and cues things up for me to introduce an additional series of shows that will focus on different scenarios for preparing, which will show it is not as difficult as you might have thought. We do have a window of opportunity, lets use this time wisely.

Hanna also gives her insight into the Joan Shenton debate and all thing Australia tyranny. Her episode is available to watch now:

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