Alip Ba Ta original - Pagebluk - my take on it.
Hello everyone,
There are a lot of fans in Indonesia that like my work. I try not to cater to them exclusively but it's tempting because they put literally hundreds of comments on my Alip Ba Ta videos and ask for many reviews of Alip's work.
Pagebluk just got published on August 21st, 2021 on Alip's channel. This is an original song meaning "pandemic" in Javanese. Alip is brilliant, as always, in his playing. You can hear the sadness coming through in the music.
I really like this song. It's got two parts mainly. It is in ABA form with a higher part at the beginning and end and a lower middle section that sounds more western in style.
The tuning is very interesting. It is a modified open G tuning: D G D F# B D
I've never seen this tuning before, but then that's not saying much because I'm not an expert in alternate tunings. Have you heard of this tuning? Let me know in the comments.
Alip uses harmonics extensively to play the melody, something I can't do at the moment because of lack of practice in this style. As with most alternate tunings for me I'm completely lost watching the playing because I'm not familiar with the chord shapes.
During this video I play the beginning melody on my classical guitar in standard tuning and try to get a grip on the shape of the tune. During the B section I work on the bass movement and check out the harmony and some of the chords. I like to analyze a piece when it is beautiful and see what the chord progressions are and in what key. This helps my own understanding of music and composition.
This video and composition is all Alip's original work and he gets all compensation from ads. I make no money from making this video except through your support.
Online lessons are available from me in case any one is interested. Get in touch with me on my email.