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I am a dad. I am also run a charity for non custodial parents, and I volunteer suporting In 2001 I was separated from my then 5-year-old daughter by marital breakdown. For the best part of the following 11 years, and despite my best efforts to the contrary, I was kept from caring for and from my daughter by family court order. There was no legitimate ground for doing so. It's just the way it works and I am far from alone; this phenomenon happens to many thousands of dads (and some mums too) each year in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. That 11 years of being kept from my daughter saw my life pulled apart through financial decimation, loss of my family and most importantly, the unnecessary destruction of our daughter's childhood. Today my daughter lives with me full time and we have a great life together. The differences between myself and her mum are resolved and little more than a historical footnote. We all get along and her mum and I co-parent our now 20'something. She will always be our daughter, no matter how old she is, no matter how old we are. There is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For the longest time though, I did not think it possible to resolve the issues and I almost resigned myself to never again seeing my daughter. I almost gave up on her, and even on my own life. Those struggling to see their kids will understand that. Looking back, there was so much I did not understand or know how to handle. Today, when I work with struggling on-custodial parents, I'm often asked how I managed to get through it all, and how I resolved things. Thats what this project is about. Sharing the wisdom that comes from surviving this journey, and turning it around into something positive. I'd say, almost anyone can do that no matter how hard it looks. Here's how. 

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