Ball Waxing Trans “Woman” “Jessica” Yaniv (Jonathan) May Actually WIN Human Rights Tribunal!!!

A trans “woman” Jonathan Yaniv (aka “Jessica”) wants to use Canadian law to force real women to wax his male genitalia even if they don’t want to and he may actually win his case! 
At a BC court Yaniz made the case that he should be awarded $40k from a number of beauty aestheticians who refused to give him a Brazilian wax job on the basis of discrimination. But would a judge actually go for this?…well, this is Canada where bills like C-16 and 89 are praised so yes this Canadian judge will most likely agree with Yaniz paving the way for other extorters and exhibitionists to use the law to satisfy their greedy and lustful desires. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Jenn Smith a transgender identified male activist as well as Angelina Ireland and Al Rawdah of The People’s Party of Canada about the tribunal, how we got to this point and where they see this going in the near future.