This is an overview of PalFish. An application I been looking into. I have completed the process and been hired as an official Teacher!

Join PalFish to gain extra money, while teaching students to speak proper English! 
What is PalFish?

PalFish is a free mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The goal of the app is to help non-native speakers improve their English while giving native English speakers a chance to earn some extra cash on the side. 

You start out with ‘Trial’, then acquiring full time students. Trial is PalFish scheduling students to your time slots. Parents can decide to choose you as their dedicated teacher. You get paid either way. You will have many Trials before building relationships with students.

What is Required?

  • Phone – Android or IOS
  • Download and Register the PalFish App – This can be found in Itunes or Google Store.
  • Acquire a TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. You can see my certificate here. I used Groupon for a discount, and went through IOA (International Open Academy). 
  • Learn the application – It will take time to learn PalFish. However, many knowledgeable users are willing to help through group chats and tutorials.
  • Have fun – While you are being professional, the goal is for the child to learn. 
The app runs on a mobile IOS or Android phone. You will need a phone. You also need to download the app for your phone, and register. 

Gain Extra Income Through Friends  
PalFish also provides $45 to you, when someone uses your code, during registration. Once they are approved, you get paid. However, you must apply the code during registration. Please click here to use my code.
What’s the Catch?

You will still need to work. The classes are set for 25 minutes each. You need to be in the class at least one moment before it starts. The application can be small on your phone screen making it difficult to see, depending on your phone. 

However, the average rate is at 1.5 RMB, which is equal to $13.80 per hour, much higher than minimum wage! 

PalFish uses Payoneer as their wallet. There is a conversion, when transferring funds to your bank. 
You can withdraw once a month. My first Trial class, I earned 55 Yuan. This equated around 8 dollars for 30 minutes. Nothing to sneeze at. Plus PalFish gives you 100 Yuan when you start with them. This is to help fund props. 
 You don’t need any prior experience. As long as you have strong English skills, you’re more than likely going to pass their verification round. 

How much is the Pay?

Starting pay for Official Kids Course lessons is 50yuan per lesson (with a 5 yuan bonus for being on time)… So, generally speaking 55yuan or about US$8.15 (if you aren’t late entering the classroom) for a 25 minute lesson. 

For each lesson you teach, you also earn points. Earning points allows you to level up to a higher pay rate per lesson in the following month. 

What are these Trial Classes?

In the beginning, most of your lessons will be trial lessons. These lessons are super repetitive, but doing them over and over again gives you a chance to work on your teaching style, techniques, and to familiarize yourself with the app. 

Trial students are new to PalFish – they take these lessons to decide whether they want to purchase an Official Kids Course package. The trials also give teachers an opportunity to impress potential new students (and parents) and allow them to assess the students level. If students do purchase a package after taking a trial with you, you will receive an additional 200Yuan, 20 points – (that’s about US$38 for a 25 minute lesson) – and, potentially, a new regular student.


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What is PalFish?
Your Invite to Join PalFish!
PalFish is an phone App, allowing the PalFish Teacher to interact and teach English to Chinese students. You can setup your own times, while earning money. My goal is to also become a PalFish Tutor.