Hey guys, I'm backkk!!
Thank you all for being so understanding and patient with my home situation. It honestly hasn't been easy, but we getting through it one day at a time. And it's been amazing how great you guys all are in my private life and being so patient. I am truely grateful. Thank you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️( ^◡^)っ♡

The hurting hasn't stopped yet, but in the process of accepting and tackling one day at time. I am slowly getting into the rhythm of things 😊 Starting off with a few housekeeping things listed below:
Firstly, I'm not rushing into it, but the editing of the NSFW Roleplay Audio that I promised to do last month is on its way. So look out for it in the near future 😉

Secondly, I am open to commissions. Please Commission me. I also do NSFW commissions (which will cost more, but we'll talk about it when we get to that road 😉). You can view the prices in the Pinned Public Post, or check out the Prices Page.
Don't forget about your tier perks! Let me know your SubscribeStar Name and I'll adjust to your discounts accordingly 😊

Thirdly, theres been a change of location with the Cupid Love Bunny merch and it's website.
The Cupid Animation/Cupid Love Bunny merch will be transfered to my main Cupid Animation website on a Secret Store Page that only people know the password to 🤫
Go to the Store Page and input: Cup1dSt0r3. If you know anyone who might be interested, please spread the word. Again, only people of legal age can access it 🔞

And that's all the housekeeping I can think of. Thank you all once again to every single one of you out there. You've been comforting and supportive; there are no words to describe how grateful I feel. I feel so lucky to have such amazing people around me. Thank you my wonderful people ❤️