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Many thanks for all of you who took up the invitation to watch the SCENARIOS 2 - LIVE STREAM. We were joined by KATE SHEMIRANI, ex Aussie serviceman Jesse and Dia Beltran also from Australia. It was indeed a difficult topic, but I hope the comments and suggestions made by the guests will help you all to be much more prepared whatever your decisions are.

I want to thank everyone who donated, every little bit help towards keeping this platform going and keeping up the quality of the content especially in difficult times.
I have a separate video streaming platform which I pay for that enables me to store the videos on my website and to enable you to download the content for yourself as members and subscribers. This is exclusive to you and contains material that I prepare to share only with you guys.

Below is the link to download the LIVE STREAM

SCENARIOS 2 - How do we protect the kids - LIVE STREAM - 13/08/2021

I'll inform you shortly when the next show will be scheduled

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