My First Book is Available Now! The Hivemind Invasion of Civilization! 

Is reality a fabrication or manifestation of some higher purpose or intelligence, whether artificial or organic?

"The Hivemind Invasion of Civilization" is a compendium of esoteric mystery sciences, an invaluable, timeless resource, building a progressive tapestry of revelation upon revelation, LOADED with truly mind-blowing graphics, visuals, & stunning images, deep Universal Secrets, advanced occult symbolism, rich philosophical & existential motifs utilized in Hollywood & pop culture, language, mythology, spiritual mysticism & fundamental laws of nature, astrotheology & the constructs of masonic civilization for individual & collective mastery, as well as control, coercion, confinement & enslavement, but leading us ultimately to sovereignty & liberation from the artifices of the manipulation of reality itself & most importantly, our perception of it!

A master work, a sync of Grand Proportions, the Hivemind Invasion of Civilization understands & fully Illustrates in vibrant, graphic detail the way reality really works, & gives the reader the competence to see from a coherent sense of understanding the machinations of society & the way we live within it, who we are, what we are here for, and why.