Who's your favorite boy from PokeShota? XD
As I said since July, This's just start point for the PokeShota. In the past, it just the character design process. :D I'll start this project in this concept....
"School Life!"
As I ask in the discord server for the suggestion about PokeShota. I got many suggestion such as sport, summer theme, sea, school and etc. So I think "School life" should be the best solution for this project. 

But we have 9 characters for this project and I can't draw them all in the same time. haha. So! I'll do the poll and let you guys pick them for each month. Everymonth I'll pick the result from the poll and draw in the scenario that I choose. :D 

The rules of poll is, I'll pick 3 characters in each month from. 
1st. - The winner.
2nd. - Dark horse or The runner up
3rd. - The loser.
//PS, This rules may change depend on each month :D

Then let's do the poll :D 
The number of poll will follow from the banner from left to right.
1. Pikachu
2. Charmader
3. Leafeon
4. Cyndaquil
5. Zarou
6. Buisel
7. Lycanroc
8. Ralts
9. Riolu

The poll is here :D