Can Les Princes de Parkour Win The BBC Covid War by Exposing SOS Maximus Fraud?

Open letter to RCMP Veterans, Five Eyes Intelligencers and Extorted Family Victims:

Published July 19, 2021

This post introduces “Les Princes de Parkour” to help the Reverse CSI ‘A Team’ practice lines of ‘cerebral parkour’ with me on Jason Goodman’s Crowd Source the Truth Show to win a BBC Covid War by exposing SOS Children’s Villages and Maximus ETFs ($18 T AUM) for allegedly laundering proceeds of vaccine frauds with the DOJ's Asset Forfeiture Fund.

Reverse CSI principal component analysis shows the BBC Contagion! game driving Covid data with Justin Trudeau’s alleged spreading of viruses through SOS Children’s Villages to infect target countries such as India and South Africa, while Maximus laundered profits from vaccines.

SOS Children’s Villages appear to have deployed vaccinated and asymptomatic carriers under Mark Milley, 20th Chairman JCS, whose thesis on ‘revolutionary guerrilla organization’ came out the year before Michelle Obama’s "Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community".

Research suggests that the late Pierre Trudeau and Bill Clinton launched Maximus in 1975 to manage a prison-blood trade and ultimately exploit the DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund (Est. 1984) to ‘fix’ a body count of 4 million Covid deaths by July 4 in the BBC's Double X IJCAI Virus War.

Reverse CSI suggests that the BBC uses Maximus and its subcontractors for ‘extortion, bribery, fraud, gambling offenses, money laundering, financial and economic crimes, obstructing justice or a criminal investigation, murder for hire, and [SOS] sexual exploitation of children’.

Reverse CSI ‘A Team’ and Les Princes de Parkour win the BBC Covid War by exposing SOS Maximus vaccine frauds and practicing ‘lines of inquiry’ which deal with the Kissinger comment that “The guerrilla wins if he does not lose. The conventional army loses if it does not win.”

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David Hawkins [email protected] Cel: 604 308 2612 Land: 604 542 0891

Timeline Updated July 19, 2021

1776 Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Beta Phi established; 1792State Street established; 1922 18th October BBC founded by radio manufacturers (RCA later Serco) to provide content; 1939-1945 ‘Parkour’ becomes standard system of French military education with "parcours du combattant" military obstacle course; 1949 Maurice Strong junior security officer at U.N.; 1949 Pierre Trudeau appears to set up SOS Children’s Villages during a year-long tour through Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India and China; 1968 CIS article “Trudeau Spearheading Fabian Takeover”; 1969 First IJCAI meet in Washington, D.C.; 1969 Trudeau transfers Indian Residential Schools and graves to Fabianbureaucrats; 1972 Trudeau appoints Jeanne Sauvé to Privy Council to coordinate SOS Children’s Villages Canada; 1972 Trudeau outsources custody of prison-blood fractionation trades with Bill Clinton, to Connaught Labs and private funds allegedly controlled by the de-populationist Maurice Strong; 1973 Office Economic Opportunity Cuts Off Funds In Sterilization of Girls; 1975 Vanguard established; 1975 Maximus license to kill; 1976 BBC Operation Swine Flu; 1977 Trudeau extorts sole custody of children from their mother; 1980 Mark Milley’s Princeton thesis "A Critical Analysis of Revolutionary Guerrilla Organization in Theory and Practice"; 1981 Trudeau patriation negotiations hid a Sequential-Move Game; 1981 Hawkins tracks IJCAI game to UBC; 1983 Trudeau recommends Jeanne Sauvé’s name for Canadian Governor General; 1984 U.S. DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund would go through Maximus; 1988 BlackRock established; 1988 Maximus population control; 1988 B.C. Ministry of Attorney General’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) would go through Maximus; 1998 U.S. Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act would go through Maximus; 1998 Maximus child support fraud cost Florida taxpayers $25 for every 3 cents collected; 1999Unmarked graves pimpedto BBC News Online; 2001 The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), National Asset Forfeiture Program (NAFP) will go through Maximus and its sub-contractor PRM; 2001The UK National Crime Squad and Trudeau’s ChildBase pedophile tracking network would go through Maximus (Serco); 2001 BBC patents Spoken text display method and apparatus, for use in generating [E-blocking notes] television signals 2001-05-01 Publication US6226615B1; 2001 BBC Studios appears to sub-contract Double Cross operations to Maximus’ ETF shareholders; 2001 JuneLouis Freeh—then FBI director—resigned presumably because he knew he could not stop Maximus 9/11; 2001 September 4 Bob Muller sworn in as FBI director allegedly to coordinate Maximus 9/11; 2001 September 11 DOJ funds hacked, WTC Twin Towers demolished, cat bonds triggered and body-counts fixed in Maximus 9/11; 2010 Arrest of Trudeau roommate—director of SOS blackmailers in 13-year-old International Pedophile Ring; 2010 Trudeau Foundation positions David Johnston as Patron of SOS Children's Villages Canada; 2012 BBC Red Button uses Ceefax tradition to inject signals for iterated games and world news on demand for internet-enabled TV; 2016 Paper on Evolution of extortion in social-influenced prisoner’s dilemma; 2018 BBC Contagion! game; 2019 Trudeau Foundation arranges Winnipeg NML virus trade with China; 2019 18th October digital virus at Event 201 NYC, physical virus at Wuhan military games; 2020 April Maximus ‘captures’ CDC-INFO contract—500+ agents respond to 16,000+ pandemic calls and 2,000 emails per day; 2020 April Maximus ‘captures’ Vaccine Order Management Contact Center (VOMCC) for 64 immunization programs, 44,000 provider sites, 6vaccine manufacturers, and CDC's centralized distributor; 2020 April Maximus ‘captures’ State of New York COVID-19 Screening and Scheduling contract; 2020 April Maximus captures pandemic call center for Canada Revenue Agency control citizen tax fines and penalties; 2020 Angelina Jolie, Microsoft and BBC team up to give children high-quality journalism; 2020 1st Parkour World Championships scheduled at Hiroshima, Japan, on 3–5 April 2020, postponed in COVID-19 pandemic;2021 Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau sets up COVID-19 Impact Committee; 2021 “SOS Children’s Villages Canada Statement apologized to abused children and young people; BBC appears to use Maximus DEA agents to stage ‘Operation Haiti Hit’”; 2021Trudeau establishes Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corporation for Large Employer federal COVID-19 financial aid program); 2021 June BBC Studios appears to drive fake news of Delta variant synchronized with Trudeau SOS Children’s Villages and pre-planned violence in South Africa; 2021 July BBC announces 3rd wave [40% more weekly ‘Deaths-by-Delta’ in war] in South Africa; 2021 July Maximus’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting just under 11,000 Covid deaths to week end Friday July 16 i.e. more deaths from all other vaccines combined since VAER established 1990.