Attention Folks

After long efforts the 3rd book in my "Writings of an Incendiary Monk" series has gone live on Amazon. I think this will be considered by some to be the best of the whole series, considering that the philosophy is more practical and less abstract, applying directly to Dharma practice. Also there are a number of my early critiques of the new "progressive" western Buddhism, which is fun. From the blurb:

This book, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Practice, is a collection of essays dedicated to the subject of practical Dharma, or understanding and practicing the Path to Liberation in accordance with traditional Theravada Buddhist methods. Topics include meditation, mindfulness, truthfulness, self-restraint, austerity, and cultivating a wholesome attitude in general. Also there are some philosophical essays on ethics from an ancient Buddhist perspective, and some sociological ones discussing the predicament of postmodern western Buddhism mutating into something very different from what the historical Buddha ever intended. The purpose of the essays is to stimulate thought and interest by discussing ancient issues in a modern way, and to offer advice to practitioners and students of Buddhism to assist in their practice. The approach is a fresh one, avoiding dogmatism, yet nevertheless remaining true to the oldest Buddhist traditions in spirit.

And as always, if you do purchase a copy, please leave a review if Amazon will let you.