A throwaway statement made by yours truly during a News Weekly episode with Stephen Wells has come to fruition. The plot for Case-demics was set and before we know what we are truly facing, we have compulsory  mask wearing and Sydneysiders are restricted to no more than 10km distance from their homes and QR codes to be used before entering a public place. It seems that Sydney is the new Melbourne. If you are caught driving beyond the 10km zone the penalty is allegedly 4 demit points and up to $1500 AUD fine, absolute tyranny.

The latest News Alerts pretty much sum up how far the establishment has descended and how far into the vaccine rollout propaganda they are willing to go with a population suffering learned helplessness in a seemingly mass psychosis.

News Alert 6th July 2021

News Alert 10th July 2021

News Alert 12 July 2012

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Due to the popularity of the News Alerts, I have created a RUMBLE ACCOUNT. This should offer an alternative in case Bitchute goes down.