All Right You Guys, Here It Is

This is a long one with some of you asking excruciatingly badass questions.
Questions include: how to ordain as a monk in Asia, financial support, indulgences and purgatory, the universe arising out of nothing, magick, Dhamma as the fourth Satipatthana, emptiness of aggregates, insanity in monastics and laypeople, qualifications for being a teacher, made-up religious mythologies, determination in Buddhism, sex in society, me being autistic, correcting bad karma, dealing with clown world, right livelihood, masturbation, monks riding horses, enlightened beings after death, the ethics of sterilization and eugenics, collective karma, my upcoming books, biofeedback meditation, natural and supernatural states, love and light in Buddhism, Semitic and anti-Buddhist Gods, monastic rains retreats, use of entheogens, and the differences between Buddhist practices in Thai, Burmese, and Sri Lankan traditions. With the mind-warpingness of the Middle Way haunting the whole show.