End-of-Month Update for June 2021: I have finally resumed making videos, this time showing off, as best I could, the post-processing of some model tanks, and unlike last time, I was able to show some close-ups of running gear support removal.  The filming setup could still use improvement, but at least you get the idea, and hopefully it's enough to go on, if you would like to purchase files and print models yourself.  If not, then I included some tips in a Hive post that supplements the video.  

Finally, I've started looking at regular 9-5 (or, in my case, 7-5) jobs, since this miniature workshop thing isn't paying off, and e-begging doesn't seem to be working, either.  I keep trying new things to make money online, but nothing is working.  If anyone is actually out there, some suggestions would be appreciated.