Important Login, Live Stream, Exclusive Content Access Information For Anthony Patch Subscribers

Dear Friends:

Below, we are providing instructions for how to subscribe to SubscriberStar and access all of our content.

Please reference and follow the four-step process we are providing below.

Thank you for your patience and welcome!

Kindest regards,

Anthony and Kathleen Patch

IMPORTANT! Please make sure you have "Allow your Stars to see your email address" TURNED ON in your SubscribeStar account so that Doug can see your email address. Otherwise, we CANNOT set up your account on or verify you in BAND.


**Don't forget to check your messages WITHIN the SubscribeStar messaging system.**

FOUR steps:

1. Join SubscribeStar and choose a giving/donation tier – Register and create a username and password (this has nothing to do directly with quite yet). Think of SubscribeStar as only our subscription mechanism; it does nothing else. All other content is hosted on

2. Next (after subscribing), you will need to either wait for Doug to send you your private account login credentials on or click this link to create your own account on If you want Doug to take care of it for you, it could take a few hours, but it WILL be the same day you register. Remember to CHECK YOUR MESSAGES WITHIN SUBSCRIBESTAR for more information. Please be patient as Doug is doing this for each new subscriber as they sign-up. If you already had an account on, it will be re-activated with the previous login credential information (you will NOT receive an email notice - Doug will message you here on SubscribeStar when it’s available).

3. If it is a new account on, you will receive an automated email from our site (check your spam/junk folders), then head over to and login using your credentials you received (or those you had previously).

4. Register for BAND (Doug will send you the invitation link to join) – This is our communication platform – us with you - and you with one another. We post here all important news content, white papers, patents, reference material, notices, and live stream links. You can communicate with and amongst one another – it has a “Facebook” like look and feel – but it is private – not searchable and not open to the public. YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR SUBSCRIBESTAR EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN YOU REQUEST TO JOIN BAND.

Again, it's these FOUR STEPS:

1. SubscribeStar – Sign-up here:
2. Login Credentials: Do-it-yourself or wait for Doug. Click here to create your own account on after you have subscribed on SubscribeStar, or wait for Doug to create an account for you manually and message you that it's ready.
3. Log in to: – for past Live Stream archives and all other content:
4. BAND registration and how to join: Instructions here (you will need to be logged-in to read them).