Corstet: Inflation #7 - Fed Gears Up To Deal With Inflation

In today's 30 minute broadcast, Dr. Corsi returns to the series on the short and long term implications of inflation.

The US Federal Reserve and Wall Street are definitely not on the same page.

The Fed is growing increasingly worried as inflation is taking off.  The Fed met last week and moved forward the median estimate for the next interest rate hike, clearly expecting higher inflation to continue.

On Wall Street on the other hand, the market is pretending that inflation is just temporary or does not exist at all.  The financial markets are betting inflation will diminish as other factors reverse the upward trend, but other than by the use of magic, no such miracle appears on the horizon.

Out of control spending, the probability that tax offsets will not be achieved, and world events in the Middle East and Asia are set the boil over on the stove...not to mention the effects of a threatened "climate lockdown" which would destroy what remains of the business world, are investors whistling by the financial graveyard?

Stand strong, fear not, trust in Jesus!

This deep dive into the short and long term effects of inflation gives you starting point information you will need to begin understand reality as we go forward into the brave new world ahead.

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