There is so much coming up soon it's hard to keep track of time. Here is a quick update. There's a lot to be excited about. 

I was hoping to get a second vid done this month, but I won't be able to do that just yet. Theres another Dev i'm working on something big with that I hope to start doing this upcoming month if things go well. We have been working on it for about a month and a half. Technically the entire thing is not dun yet, however we are close to a position where we can start. Im also hoping this branches into some amazing game dev stuff. 

The special channel game thing is coming alone slowly due to everything going on, but i'm currently working on levels. (The wife spilled the beans about this on stream but don't worry, behind the scenes access will still be a tier thing lol.) Speaking of which  i'll need to post an update on that tomorrow. 

For those who asked about/sugested  merch, I'm currently working on that but I have no idea when that will be ready. 

Lastly I want to get back to streaming next Monday. There's a monster that needs to be completed and then after that I want to make a stream showing how I animate my vids. 

And there it is folks, as you can see I am swamped with things to do, but I am so excited to get to work on them. My only hope is that this I don't overload myself but thats just where we are rite now lol. I'll see you all in my next posts.